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Sewer Cleaning

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As simple as drain cleaning might sound, you may require a professional to fix it. A lot of people prefer doing it by them self. However, it can sometimes make the problem worse.

Our goal is to give an exceptional service, 24/7. We are reliable and dependable even in odd hours and emergencies; your safety and comfort is our priority.

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Is it Sewer Cleaning or Drain Cleaning?

Daily we often come across people using the terms “drain cleaning” and “sewer cleaning”. Interchangeably as if they meant the same thing, but you require a professional plumber to explain and shed light on the differences between the two.

Just like in other professions where terms and slang used might be confusing, only professionals and experts in those fields can relate without a thorough explanation. We should not assume since we understand the differences that every one of our customers and potential clients does. That’s the reason we took the joy of breaking down and bringing forth the reasons to clean our drains and sewers often even before complication such as blockages arise.

Our various homes consist of drains as a crucial part of our wastewater system. Majority of these, are sinks which are connected to the P-traps and links sewer line; your toilets also consist of drains linked to the sewer line. You might still wonder why you need to clean your drains because they don’t have root or massive debris like a sewer.


Seeds germinating can also cause clogging of pipes. But you should note we process different wastes in our homes and if you have kids, I’m sure you will understand what we mean. What we send down the drains determines if it gets block frequently or not. A single drain might be blocked in a network of drains but still it easier to fix and might not entirely clog the wastewater systems. In situations where the majority of your drains are running slow or clogged, then we might need to look at your sewer line.

A sewer line in our homes takes all the wastewater from the drains, sending it out of the house into your area sewer network that empties to the city’s sewer. Sewer lines are more prominent and spacious, which allows the growth of plants or roots, and accumulation of other debris such as grease, released with wastewater. Clogging of sewers and drains increase lousy odor, and other unpleasant pieces of stuff if not properly managed.